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Sorting out a new show

I’ll soon be mounting a new show with my f/7 group—six other local photographers I’ve been working with for the past several years—at our local TW Wood Gallery. It is always challenging to make decisions in a group of strong-minded, individualistic artists but somehow, with respect for each other, we end up doing some great work together! This show will, I am certain, be the same. We agreed we’d not all work to a common theme as we’ve done in the past, in part because the space is more conducive to each of us creating our own theme, trusting all the work will hang together well enough.

I love to mull over new shows and play with ideas until finally something begins to come together. I think I’m headed in the right direction with a title of “The Colors of My World” and a group of photographs, each of which is primarily one color, that will form a pallette of sorts.

The photograph that introduces this post will also introduce my part of the show. I made this one on a miraculous Fall day on a little stream in Middlesex where the water flows slowly and gently swirls up in what seem to be distinct cells. Reflected in that pattern are the rich, saturated colors of the trees above the water—Red Maple, Yellow Birch, Hemlock and White Ash—and the blue sky.

My part of the show will continue with up to twenty photographs, if there is room, beginning with light shades and ending in dark ones. I’ll preview what I have in mind over the next several days; these are the next two images.





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3 thoughts on “Sorting out a new show

  1. I look forward to the preview. You have so many amazing photos to chose from.

  2. ehwfram on said:

    Congrats! Please let us know the dates of the show.

  3. I love it! I hope you will include some text describing, as you did above, where these rich colors came from. For many viewers that will add a layer of enjoyment to their experience.

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