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In the river


Greenbank’s Hollow is a lovely spot in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, full of history and the timelessness of water running over rock. On a summer day the middle of the stream is a beautiful place to stand and photograph both the water….

…and the rocks. Sometimes I not sure where the water ends and the rocks begin.

This time of year the water is usually noisy but not impossible, as it can be after a storm or in Spring runoff. No matter the shutter speed (1/125th and 1/2500th), I’m entranced.

Add motion and I simply disappear into the place!

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One thought on “In the river

  1. I’m embarrassed to say that I never heard of this place. I will visit soon, now. It shows me that I should have taken a tour of the highway historic markers years ago, as I had thought I would.

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