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Sand…and much more

I’ve shared many photographs this week of the sand art I enjoyed seeing in sand dunes of Ludington State Park, and include just a few more here—made after rain dappled the sand—but time in the dunes is much more than just sand.

The light, in particular, literally colors the whole day from rich, warm tones morning and evening to hard, white light at midday. Under moonlight, colors may disappear but another world of animals comes alive leaving traces to be seen the next morning.

There is water too, at least when there has been some rain, in small, shallow, reed-filled ponds. And many trees—Black and Choke Cherry, Red Cedar, various Junipers, Poplars—and even more wild flowers and grasses.

Insects abound especially various dragonflies, bees and beetles.

Animals and birds too are always around even if almost always invisible. Set all of this against the pervasive quiet and being one of just a few humans who ventures past the first row of dunes, and it is an experience that long after remains in my heart.



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One thought on “Sand…and much more

  1. Ohhhh…so much more than lines in the sand-

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