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A good morning…

Heavy frost here this morning with clear skies. The sun has arrived and will warm things up nicely. A good day to go to City Hall to vote, a delight even if crazier and more worrisome this year.

jrs-05566The young Red Oak I see out the window as I write this is lovely, having just begun the change from intense red to brown. There are more late leaves on Norway Maples this year than I can remember in the past, beautiful yellow in the sunshine but too out-of-place in the normal progression of a Vermont fall. Many invasives—plants not people—show up clearly this time of year as they tend to hold their leaves longer than natives.

The moon, half-full last night, was bright enough to make shadows through the window at yoga in Maple Corner. Hard to believe but I was in my twenties before I saw moon shadows! So many things I did not (still do not!) know in life.

We left yoga wonderfully empty of all the weeks noise, at peace, hearts open and ready for whatever this day brings. Susi talked about getting to a place where we can simply be quiet and listen and there be able to dream in the moonlight.

I know my dreams include both this young Red Oak and a world that works for all of us to be in peace with loving hearts full.


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2 thoughts on “A good morning…

  1. John – I continue to love your articles and pictures. I have just returned from the 75th Anniversary Conference of ASNT. I miss seeing you at these meetings but you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the crowds. I was privileged to present the Plenary Lecture in the subject of “The Way We were” featuring video clips of Sam Wenk and Dr. Bob McMaster. I believe ASNT will be putting it on their website and will let you know when and if that happens. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful images and words.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    A soothing post. Trying to take in nature here on the west coast as we head toward a marina with wifi and tv. Wanting to know how the voting is going, but with some trepidation about the results. Tough times ahead I’m afraid even if Clinton overcomes Trump.

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