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Seeing light


DSC02656It is astonishing to watch light play with George Sherwood‘s fabulous sculpture which is being exhibited at Shelburne Museum until the end of October.

Light literally plays here—mostly hand-in-hand with slight movements from a bit of wind. And add in blue sky and colors from the large, open green space on which they stand and delight abounds. “Wind, Wave, and Light” is an apt name for the exhibit which left me dizzy with pleasure.





Standing under Wave Cloud I watched light come and go. How can light disappear and then reappear? This piece clearly shows that it can—even if it also leaves the question of “how?” unanswered.


Memory of Water quickly pulled me in, mainly trying to figure out how this artist (also an engineer!) managed what he has done: a globe filled with changing light and reflections of the surroundings. But it was not until later, at a distance, that I saw how the same three moving mirrors inside could fill with light and spill it over the sculpture—as can happen with moving water—fleetingly so that I was left wondering if I was seeing something supernatural. “No, it is ‘just’ light,” I said to myself. Imagine!DSC02533


No photographs can do either of these pieces justice. Plan to go see them in person. I’m already plotting another visit because no matter what the weather, I am sure I’ll see light in ways I’ve never before experienced it. More of this amazing art tomorrow!

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  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Full of wonder!

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