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Art, right out in the open

More than ever the world needs artists and art, especially when displayed right out in public view. To see art in public spaces, easily accessible to all, makes such a difference in a community.

DSC02517I was delighted to visit Shelburne Museum this week and see some of the work of George Sherwood. His kinetic sculpture is brilliant—literally so when the sun is shining on the stainless steel that is part of much of it—and fanciful, engaging and constantly changing, even in the slightest breeze.

The old round barn with the wonderful curving  and ever-changing shadow seen on sunny days was the perfect frame for “Memory of Fibonacci” so stunning against the rough, red boards. It positively dances with color and geometry, shadows and light.

DSC02519DSC02522Interesting to me is the perfect blend of art and engineering—the pieces have superb technical precision while also being gems of art perfectly born from and reflecting the natural world. All of these works are worth seeing more than once as they change with the light and the wind in magical ways—one piece can morph into ten new pieces in a matter of minutes! The fact clearly demonstrates that Mr. Sherwood is skilled as both an engineer and an artist.

DSC02527 DSC02526Note: the two bird pieces in the small pond by the cafeteria are not to be missed—well worth the short walk from the main grounds where the rest of the art is. Also the ingenious dichroic piece hanging in the back stairwell of The Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education, visible from outside but worth asking the guard to let you into the stairwell itself.

Although my still photographs pale by comparison to the real pieces in real life, I will feature several of them individually over the next few days because each is so well worth seeing. Needless to say, however, I recommend going to see his work, either at Shelburne Museum (“Wind, Waves, and Light” will be up until October 31st) or any of the many other places it can be viewed.

And, of course, there is so much more to see both at the Shelburne Museum as well as in Vermont in the summertime!

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2 thoughts on “Art, right out in the open

  1. Dale on said:

    We last visited Shelburne 40+ years ago and marveled at its functional ingenuity and beauty. It’s wonderful to see that it has expanded its mission to include the arts. Creativity still lives there.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful and fascinating art – and your photos are superb, John. I saw some kinetic sculptures by James Strickland at the U of Southern Maine. Watching them kept me occupied while Don was doing a workshop.

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