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Want a print from Langdon Street?

Rob and I have so enjoyed working on this Langdon Street ALIVE project. We’ve been pals for a long, long time and work well together, respecting each others’ skills and trusting our instincts with each other. We’ve had wonderful feedback from the community—and lots of necks craned to see the photographs up on the 2nd and 3rd floor walls!


Thanks to Liz Dodd for this great photograph!

We quickly realized we could not paste all 100+ photographs up, even though every one was worthy. We also realized many people would want a copy of “their” photograph. So we’ve come up with a way it can work!

We can make high-quality, black & white prints of these photographs for you or your friends and family.

Two sizes can be printed to archival standards,  11”x17” ($50@) and 8”x 10” ($35@), with a 1/2″ border all around perfectly ready for framing.

We can also make available the same 3’x4’ prints you see pasted to the buildings on Langdon Street. These are not archival but are a very nice high-quality, poster-like print. Cost for one print of this type is $40.


To order any prints, simply go to THIS LINK and from the gallery of images at the bottom select the photograph(s) you want printed. Click on that photograph and send the link for the resulting page to: <<>>. You can also copy the image and paste it into the email to Rob.Remember: let us know what size photograph(s) you want and how many.

Next mail a check for the amount to:

Rob Spring
31 Grand View Farm Rd
Barre VT , 05641-8335.

We will print the photograph and let you know by email when it is ready to be picked up at Buch Spieler Records right on Langdon Street, usually about a week after we receive your check. You might even find a great album while you are there picking up your order.

Now the bonus: to date Rob and I were happy to have funded this project out of our own pockets. All proceeds from print sales will first go to helping re-pay ourselves and then the rest will go to help fund more art on Langdon Street. You get great prints and a great feeling of being part of this amazing project. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Want a print from Langdon Street?

  1. on said:

    I continue to enjoy your article and pictures. All the best. Chuck

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful project John (and Rob)! and how nice of you to make prints for those who want them.

  3. Lindsay Wade on said:

    Brilliant!! What a creative, fun, personalized way to draw the crowds onto Langdon Street!! This should add tremendously to our downtown commerce and great tourist attraction. I love it!!

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