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“Lost,” a poem by David Wagoner

A poem by David Wagoner, “Lost,” appeared in The Writer’s Almanac this morning. I want to share it, even though I don’t have permission to do so, and take the liberty of posting a copy here:

I honor the poet and the poem and the forest with a small selection of images I’ve made over the years. While none of them can replace reality, I find they can act as a compass when I’m lost, as I so often am. I’ve learned to trust, nearly always, that the forest can find me.



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4 thoughts on ““Lost,” a poem by David Wagoner

  1. Beautifully penned and illustrated. Thanks, John. Happy New Year!

  2. kspring on said:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing the words and the photographs. I love that sentiment of letting the forest find you. It has so often helped me find myself.

  3. Helen Spring on said:

    I love this John – I have known this poem for many years – your photos go so well with it – thank you for sharing it here!

  4. As a huge fan of the trees and flowers it is a place where I seek out to continue to floursh and live in it splendor… LOL RL Fromm

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