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A good day for a walk

I love walks that start off with no destination or intention other than to walk. Rob came by and spontaneously we walked by Michael’s house where we found him unexpectedly ready to join us.

Winter-2783The unusually warm (50F) weather suggested we ramble around town, and ramble we did, along favorite streets and then to the Lane Shop waterfall and finally opting for a lovely loop up into Hubbard Park. How lucky we are to have this gem right in the middle of our small city.

The surprise of this sunny afternoon was finding so many insects in flight and, as a result, spiders building webs. We all agreed we’d not talk about climate change today but just enjoy walking together on this remarkably sunny day.


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3 thoughts on “A good day for a walk

  1. Now THAT’S “three wise men”–choosing to just enjoy a saunter and a ramble 🙂

  2. During this busy, busy time, this post is a reprieve and a good reminder of the value of rolling with things. I particularly enjoyed your last paragraph and accompanying second image. Merry Christmas!

  3. The spider web shot is marvelous, John, as are all these photos. The top one looks a lot like our walk through the redwoods in Land of the Medicine Buddha and Nisene Marks State Park here.

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