Still Learning To See

In this time of darkness

At the time the sun was due to set yesterday, in an otherwise gray day, the western sky cleared briefly enough to glow brightly as if to remind me to have faith! While the world has shriveled, as the once-green Hosta above attest, and seemingly died, what is actually true is we are merely slowed down and once again biding time until the sun moves higher in the sky to fuel life.

Even in the weak light, beautifully diffuse, the colors in the back garden, seasoned with our only snow to date, were lovely. Not flamboyant, garish or abundant but again a reminder for me to be where and when I am rather than elsewhere. The light will return, and, until then, I’ll enjoy these special times of “less light.”


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2 thoughts on “In this time of darkness

  1. yes, a good reminder for me, too, to be where and when I am. Thank you

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Yes – important to be when and where we are. Happy Solstice – Don’s favorite day.

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