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More from the dunes

If you’ve been among dunes, you know the light changes with each moment in the hour after sunrise. If that is not enough, the shadows are constantly changing too so every turn in every moment is new. As I sort through the images I brought back, it is easy to think “Oh, this is too many!” or “Are they different enough?” In the end I have chosen this collection because I love each of them. If you want to see about falling in love with them, simply click on any to see them in a larger size and then scroll through them. There will be more tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “More from the dunes

  1. These are really stunning. The textures and high contrasts really make them pop of my screen. I seem to like the one with the foot prints. There is a simplicity about it that is very appealing.

  2. Yes, I love that one, if only because we got out very early after a windy night and walked further south so we could avoid the footprints that had been so prominent the day before. In the end I thought these coyote prints were pretty well placed in the image! An hour later the first of the human prints began to show up.

  3. Absolutely breathtaking – exquisite!

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