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Great Sand Dunes National Park

I returned to Vermont over a week ago with a dead computer and a horrible cold. The computer is better, the cold not! But nothing can dim the memories of being in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Here are a few photographs from two mornings and an evening, shadows and light galore!

Textures change constantly as the sun shifts and the sand dries and the affects of the wind show themselves.

We found many the tracks of many people walking! Sometimes it was annoying and other times just part of the landscape to see a tiny person at the top of a dune that is 700 feet high! The scale was beyond imagining until that point.



And it was great fun to spot my friend and fellow photographer, Rob, in the distance at various times, especially at the end of a long trail of his footprints and dwarfed against the mountains that frame the dunes.


The place is a gift, and I’m sure would be anytime of the year, but especially with this gorgeous little crescent moon setting in a scrim sky. I look forward to going back again!



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3 thoughts on “Great Sand Dunes National Park

  1. Stunning series. I’d bet some of these images would look fantastic in black and white.

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