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How GRAND it is!

Yes, The Canyon is GRAND! And so much so that I found it challenging to even think about how to make photographs without them simply being bad versions of what others have done before. Once I got my ego in check and admitted that this will probably be true, I enjoyed just seeing the place in all the different light and from so many different points of view. Although you’ll never see any of them in National Geographic, I knew I could not go wrong if I just took the time to really see the amazing sight right in front of me!

As I processed the images I became fascinated with the several that showed a similar part of the Canyon at different times and with different light. These were all made from the rim looking toward Kaibab trailhead.

One other photograph, even if it isn’t a classic “GC” photo, could become a favorite:



Estimates are that two TRILLION photographs will be made this year. Makes my dilemma of photographing the Canyon seem pretty minor!

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4 thoughts on “How GRAND it is!

  1. Of the two trillion photos, I’ll bet yours are at the very top of the list – fantastic concept and results!

  2. Thanks so much! I’ve loved your blogs about owls this week. Hope your little “owlet” is doing well!

  3. Marti Snell on said:

    John – The sun saw you coming and gave you a thrill — slanting like a spotlight from sky to canyon. Marti

  4. The cloud formation with three opening looks like it could be God smiling down on you as you enjoy all his creations.

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