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“Golden rain” predicted

A dozen years ago I planted a Ginkgo tree in the yard. It has become a gorgeous tree, single-stemmed and thirty feet tall. The fan-shaped leaves are a delight anytime of year but, in particular, at this time when they turn a deep shade of gold.

Leaves-2991 Leaves-2989

Ginkgo trees are interesting for many reasons. They have remained essentially unchanged for more than 200 million years! That means dinosaurs walked among trees similar to the one in my yard. They also tend to drop most of their leaves in a single day. I expect the leaves of this young tree will fall in a “golden rain” on Sunday morning when this warm spell breaks and we wake to more seasonably cold weather.

There is a very large, 100+ year-old Ginkgo a few blocks from here that I’m watching closely too. This was the morning the leaves, even if green that year, came down. Our local Tree Board often has a raffle to bet on when the event will happen! I’ll keep you posted about both trees.


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6 thoughts on ““Golden rain” predicted

  1. Stunning, John–I did not know that bit of information, about ginkgo trees dropping their leaves all at once! Makes one want to camp out under it, just to be sure not to miss the shower 🙂 Thanks for sharing–stay gold!

  2. Chica Snell on said:

    So wonderful! Just wish the beauty of fall colors would last longer!

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  3. Deborah Leu on said:

    Gorgeous. There are 3 gingkos in our local state park – they’re still green and we’ll probably be out of town when they turn and fall. I didn’t realize their leaves fell at one time. As always, beautiful images and wonderful information.

  4. Thanks, Deb. Safe travels. Look for Ginkgos in Seattle too.

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