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Having fun getting close

On August 21 I wrote about a very simple and cool macro lens that can easily be put on my phone camera. I’ve continued to have great fun with it and carry it with me everywhere. Phone + lens + keeping my eyes open = lots of fun! I continue to be impressed with how easy it is to us and with the remarkable resolution—if I’m careful to hold steady.

Here was the latest, a little critter crawling on the table out back of the house.

Caterpillar-1Thanks to Sam Jaffe for helping ID this amazing life form as a Spiny Oak Slug (Euclea delphinii). Note: spines can cause reactions in some people! It apparently favors the Boxelder Maple under which I found it. I’ve not yet seen a live adult but the photographs online show a gorgeous moth will be forthcoming.


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6 thoughts on “Having fun getting close

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    How beautiful – and a macro too. I’ve never seen one like this.

  2. WOW! What an incredible creature–it seems like some sort of flower! Thanks again, John, for letting us see what might pass right by 🙂

  3. It was amazing how “fast” it did crawl too. In the several minutes I was getting my other camera ready and set up, the critter crawled about 14″.

  4. Chica Snell on said:

    That is gorgeous!

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  5. Karen Dailey on said:

    When I first saw the picture, I truly thought it was a Christmas decoration! So stunningly beautiful! Thanks for stopping to really take it in…for all of us!

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