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Flight of another kind

My friend Michael and I wandered on a long walk through Hubbard Park yesterday. On a warm and humid day the woodland trails were cool, inviting us to feast on summer’s greenness.


Several years ago in Hubbard Park I saw this lovely combination of a blue sky, a pink umbrella and the top of The Tower.

As is often the case in the Park, we aimed to pass by The Tower, a marvelous stone structure built in the early 1900s. The view from the top is always worth the climb—the North Branch valley in one direction and Camel’s Hump in another, the top of a huge Red Oak almost within reach and often a rewarding breeze.


The always-beautiful view from the top of The Tower, looking over the forest to see Camel’s Hump in distance.

But as we approached the entrance, we came upon three young women who were practicing “flying” on aerial silks they had hung in the stairwell, something I might expect at a circus, but not on a walk in the park! We were transfixed, both they their youthful beauty and their remarkable agility. I felt we had stumbled upon a trio of visiting angels.

After climbing to the top to see Vermont in the full glory of summer, I left energized by their youthful joy and patient skill and overwhelmingly hopeful for a future that includes people like these and the kinds of talent and friendship they shared.

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3 thoughts on “Flight of another kind

  1. Julia on said:

    How wonderful to see humans adding their lovely shapes to a beautiful tower and an incredible natural vista! This harmony, imho, seems to be what we should be doing with our time on the planet–creating and participating in beauty. Thanks, John, for this inspiring reminder that we humans ARE part of the universal dance 🙂

  2. When I was a teenager, a bunch of my friends & i would walk through Hubbard Park…at night. Sharing ghost stories about the tower & freak ourselves out. So cool to see Vermont from where I’m sitting. ~amy

  3. Still a great place. Don’t think there are many ghosts but probably a few still.

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