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More storm clouds

I’ve spent much of today enjoying watching the glorious cumulus clouds of summer reach up and tower over the wee creatures that crawl over the surface of the Earth. I’ll share those photographs another day.

Today I’m posting a few more of the photographs (which will not be in my Governor’s Gallery show) I made of the wild storm I featured yesterday. It was April 23, 2006. I have not looked back at these additional images in quite awhile and, as is not uncommon in such a case, was pleased to feel more satisfied with them after an absence. Interesting, isn’t it?

Looking at the time stamps caused me to remember I did pull off to the side of the highway and make several photos before deciding—due to the fairly heavy morning traffic—that I needed to continue on to the next exit. So I managed photos of Camel’s Hump from both sides as well as some pretty wild details of the roiling clouds.

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3 thoughts on “More storm clouds

  1. John – You continue to amaze me with your photography! I enjoy them all and in case you didn’t know it, through them, “I’m still learning to see” too! We’ll finally be leaving New England after 50 years. Our house is on the market and we have bought one in Northern Georgia near the Appalachian Mountains. Perhaps I’ll be able to take some pictures when we settle down and send them to you! Please keep me on your blog. I really enjoy hearing from you through your pictures.

    • Thank you Chuck. I look forward to staying in touch with you and am sure you’ll enjoy your new digs. I learned a great deal from you over the years so MY thanks to YOU for helping me to continue to learn to see!

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    What gorgeous, awesome patterns.

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