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This one nearly blew by!


The title of my upcoming show at the Governor’s Gallery is “I nearly walked by,” but in the case of this photograph, which will hang in the show, the storm nearly passed me by! I was driving to Burlington when, just as I was passing through the mountains, it became clear the weather was getting very wild with a front passing through. Things were changing fast and I really would not have been surprised by anything.

I wanted to pull over and photograph the storm clouds but decided I really couldn’t just stop on the highway, even a quiet one like Vermont’s I-89 usually is. The next exit was fifteen miles and the whole way I craned my neck to watch the clouds through the windshield. When I got to the exit, I pulled into the “park and ride” lot and managed to find the only spot where the view of the clouds, by then so remarkable, wasn’t ruined by cars, power lines and light poles.

I love crazy weather like this—it is so real! I’m glad the storm didn’t pass me by.

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4 thoughts on “This one nearly blew by!

  1. Carole Naquin on said:

    Wow! That is a beauty! Are prints of this sky and hill available for purchase?


    • Thanks! Yes, prints of all my photographs are available. I do the printing with Epson inks and paper, both archival quality. Matted and framed by the Drawing Board in black metal to a nominal 17×23 using non-glare glass for $300.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Awesome clouds and fantastic capture! Don did stop for me once on I-89 – probably not wise!

  3. Caroline Carver on said:

    We’ve had the most amazing summer for clouds here too. Every day seems to bring a wonderful sky. Doesn’t make for good viewing of super moons or meteor showers however. Nice shot, John!

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