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Seeing the edges from the air

The flight home from the UK last week began in the pounding rain and clouds but, fortunately, shortly after take off the skies cleared. Our routes took us up and over what must have been the northern coast of Ireland, but it could have been Scotland. Looking down it was fascinating to imagine life on the edge, greening and easy to see from my window seat but obviously much different on the ground.


Roads and settlements and greening fields can clearly be seen.


And then, at the very edge, hills and cliffs and a beach and clouds and sea.

At that point on our flight clouds intervened again until several hours later I glanced out to see not only land but a road. Again, I’m not sure exactly where were crossed onto North America but suspect it was somewhere in northern Newfoundland. I was shocked to see the road—seemingly the only built thing in sight—which appears to be a major logging road as evidenced by the many small clear-cuts along the way.


A short while later roads and forest were replaced by what was probably tundra, certainly many ice-covered lakes and piles of snow on their southern sides. Again, fun to entertain “Walter Mitty dreams” of being on the surface to see what it looked like from that vantage point. My guess is, having been in other parts of the Arctic, that the mosquitoes and black flies were thick and the hiking quite slow!



Regardless, it was enjoyable to see the edges of where we’d just been and where we were headed.



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2 thoughts on “Seeing the edges from the air

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Great shots from above – such a different perspective. I often don’t get good photos since we’re too high up, but I always love looking down when we’re flying.

    • Thanks Deb. Yes, I often have to adjust contrast and take out some of the blue haze. All, of course, depends on having a reasonably good window to work from and sitting on the shady side of the plane! Even if the photos don’t work, seeing the view is always better than the movie being played.

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