Still Learning To See

Things nearly unseen

On any given day there are so many things I walk right by and never see, from  the miraculous goings on in a leaf to a cloud at sunset to the way a river meanders.

Yesterday found me up and outside early—my body still on UK time—to see the two weeks’ change in my gardens—still and dewy in the soft light. Camera, tripod and macro and closeup rings: a small bit of heaven!

As is often the case I became fascinated with “getting closer” and eventually ended up with all three extension rings in place.


While photographing the flowers of the lovely Leucojum, I noticed a bit of yellow pollen on the white petal. On the next flower I saw more of the same (“How curious?!”) but, when I set my camera and looked through the viewfinder, I saw something else.


And, as an example of the power of today’s remarkable high-resolution digital cameras, I was able to crop the image to show even more detail including the eyes of this small aphid (even if a bit fuzzy)!



What else have I walked by today and left unseen? Small or large, clearly, the is a great deal more to see!



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2 thoughts on “Things nearly unseen

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful macros – aphids are always in full force on the one iris plant here

  2. Marti Snell on said:

    another “wwwwwwooooooooowwwwww, cooooooooool” picture John — Marti

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