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“Where have all the flowers gone?”

The song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” is part of my growing up in this world. It is more than just a song—it has always been part of a powerful message about the insanity of war. “When will we ever learn?” is still a haunting refrain and a personal challenge.

This time of year I’m often reminded that many of our flowering bulbs originally came from areas of the planet now devastated by war—Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, among others. The contrast between the horror we’ve all been party to and these small, gem-like blooms is poignant and unsettling.

Last Fall I planted a lot more of these, mainly various “species” tulips, and they are now in full bloom. They are gorgeous and also good reminders of what we still have left undone to bring peace and justice to all.


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4 thoughts on ““Where have all the flowers gone?”

  1. Julia on said:

    Ah, John–you’ve brought me to tears with the memories of this song and those lovely tulip pictures. I’ve just gone to youtube and listened to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” by Seeger, and also by my idol, Joan Baez. And the song goes on and on, so yearning for the peace and beauty that the flowers already know. Have a joyful trip–and I wish you and Liz many flowers along the way.

  2. Beautiful words and images. Thank you.

  3. wonderful flowers and a very intelligent and moving text

  4. Chica Snell on said:

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts. People have to learn to respect and care about others for war to stop. If all of us could do that there would be no reason for one to think about war. It has to start before conditions get to where there is one group wanting to take power and control over another which often seems to lead to war. I hope and pray for peace in this world.

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