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Every day is Earth Day

Thank you to my friend, Julia, who also frequently comments on this blog, for reminding me of this reality about our planet:


Earth Day card

And she is still so beautiful, perhaps more so knowing what we’ve done to her. Thank you. We all can use reminders.

One other item in the week’s news seems to be relevant to the topic of how we inhabitants of the planet behave (or misbehave):

Courtesy AP

Courtesy AP

The young family of my good friend and fellow photographer, Rob, made the news this week in national reporting about Vermont’s eminent passage of a law to require all GMO (genetically modified organisms) products to be labelled. The Good Heart Farmstead is a fabulous place and just one of many farms in the world that do not use GMO products. This new law, passed against great odds, is exciting news which will hopefully lead to other states and countries stepping up their support for labeling.

While I think it is important to know what is in our food, I’m equally concerned about knowing what kinds of food growing techniques I might be supporting. The environmental impacts of GMO crops has been devastating, from excessive herbicide to loss of biodiversity to a reduction in the use of certain pest management measures like Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt). The chances are good that our fair state will be sued over this new law but the chances are even greater, I believe, that stepping forward will help coalesce action on the part of 90%+ of Americans who support GMO labeling.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day again today and again tomorrow. When would we ever not celebrate the glorious home we were given? She is still beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “Every day is Earth Day

  1. Nice thoughts are bound to multiply or to I have to move to Vermont?

  2. Julia on said:

    Ah, John–if only Vermont could reach out to the rest of this nation! Thanks as always for your wisdom, and congratulations on yet another feather in the hat of the Green Mountain State 🙂 Taking on the GMO situation is vital, and once again you guys are the leaders. Patty, moving TO Vermont may be the best idea of all!

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