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A banner year

We are fortunate—for the 17th years—to have the Green Mountain Film Festival take over the town later this week.  For many it keeps winter-weary minds off the fact that Spring has not yet arrived, and for all, of course, it brings us dozens of great films and presentations.

Crazy as it may seem, many of us actually enjoy waiting in line for the venues to fill and the films to start! We catch up with old friends—many who come stay in town for the entire week—and we make new ones, and we have lively conversations after and over dinner about what we’ve seen. It is all “VV” (“Very Vermont”) as one dear old friend terms it.

CVMC Finalist-2399

The “London Eye” is a huge Ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames River. The “round trip” takes an hour and affords some stunning views of the area.

When I displayed a photograph of the London Eye at the Savoy Theater (the birthplace of the Festival) last spring, Festival Director (and well-known film maker) Terry Youk became intrigued with the resemblance of the great Ferris wheel to a film reel.

One thing led to another and I donated the use of that image and two more for the Festival poster and street banners that are hanging all over town. I’m thrilled with the wonderful job Terry and his graphics team did of transforming these images into a strong publicity theme.













These are the other two photographs and the banners they’ve become part of.

CVMC Finalist-2576

On a trip in northern Wales I came across this and fanciful gate and intriguing mail slot.









CVMC Finalist-3284

A fortuitous trip to the Tate Modern in London blew my mind with dazzling sun and shadows of people walking across the great entryway.











It is great fun to be even a small part of such a great event as this Festival! I’ll see you at the movies!

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5 thoughts on “A banner year

  1. Your images deserve to be up on banners and viewed by everyone. What a wonderful recognition of your talent.

  2. Another feather in your cap, John 🙂 You’ll look like a Lakota chief soon! I like the “VV” term–Vermont is certainly a unique state that fits you guys so very well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the festival. Congrats!

    • Yes, it is a great honor and an even greater thrill to have this work enjoyed so widely. I just hung a show of animals from Botswana at the local gelato shop today. It is stunning, if I do say so myself, to see a big old hippo, among others, watching the place.

  3. Way to go man. You never know with art – where it will lead and how far it may take you. The banners look great and I’m happy for you. What a thrill it must be to walk down the street and see your image hanging up there for all to see. All right!!! theo

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