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A new 3-in-1 show

I’ve spent much of the past several weeks working on a large, new show of photographs at our local Kellogg-Hubbard Library. It is actually three shows in one! On the first floor are a dozen old favorites including these, among others:

Although I’ve shown these elsewhere over the past year, I find they continue both to please me and draw many comments. Not surprisingly, each venue also brings a new audience. As I was hanging this part of the show I enjoyed surmising how the rather otherwise purposeful library patrons will respond!

On the second floor I have experimented with hanging a series of new photographs in groups of three. I’m finding I love the way the three individual images relate to create a new whole. This arrangement is but one of more than a dozen examples, though part of their power is seeing them hanging in a group (I’ll post some photographs of them in a day or two):

I’m very excited about the display in the Children’s Room, where, unfortunately, art shows are typically not hung. There I’ve hung another dozen new images and asked the kids to respond to the question “What do you see?” My intent is to publish a book of the images and a selection of their comments. I did my best to select images that would engage and yet also be accessible. Here are two—though in the Library they hang without captions!

If you are in Montpelier on Monday, January 27, please feel free to join me for the opening reception from 4-6. If you can’t make the opening, know that the show will be up until the end of February.

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16 thoughts on “A new 3-in-1 show

  1. Carole Naquin on said:

    Good luck with you show, John. I will make sure i see it when we return fro skiing in Austria in Feb. look foward to reading children’s comments. CN

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  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Congratuations on another show(s), John. Fabulous photos as always. I love the ice shots especially. And how great that there are shots in the children’s area, too!

  3. Absolutely wonderful, John–I REALLY love the composition on the group of 3, based on photographs of leaves in ice. The colors and lines are a perfect blend. And I just went to your library website, where they have given you a nice write-up. Have a wonderful reception; I’ll be there in spirit (and would be playing the children’s game right along with the younger “kids”) 🙂

  4. All repeat shots are worthy of display and a second view. They are some of my favorites. I love the triptych. Your correct they really work well together. Good luck Bro.

  5. John, what are the possibilities of taking the show on the road to Manchester? Our Library does exhibits and your right. The children’s and YA area doesn’t get included. (It would take some thought to fit it in I think but possible)

    I am inspired to so many of your photographs and your ideas and thoughts.
    Thank you for making them all available.

  6. Chica Snell on said:

    These certainly are some of my favorites, especially the blue, green and yellow ones. What a great idea to show them in threes, each getting a more close up view! Congrats on another show John!! And a book? Wow! Love, Chica

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  7. Chica Snell on said:

    I love the frost one too…is it frost on an oak leaf?

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  8. Barbara Korecki on said:

    Hello John, I just visited your show at the Library and had a wonderful time with the scope and strength of your images. Your writing personalized the insights of inspiration for me and the diversity from black & white to abstract painting styles broadened my curiosity.

    I think it was brilliant to have work in the Children’s room/s.

    Many thanks and I look forward to seeing more as it unfolds for you.
    All the best,

    • Much appreciated Barb!The show will remain up throughout March and I’m really looking forward to whatever comes of the project in the Children’s Room. New shows going up next week at Chill (African animals) and Local 64 (Rocks from around the world). Also, the banners and poster for the Green Mountain Film Festival are all based on three photos. What fun I’m having.

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