Still Learning To See

The lens I see through

I see my world through lenses, both real and figurative. When my favorite photographic lens, a 55-300mm telephoto, unexpectedly locked up last week, I realized (once again!) how often I see the world from that particular vantage point. How easy it is to fall into seeing life only in one way or another, whether due to the aperture of my camera, my eye or my mind and what a wonderful opportunity a broken lens can present!

With my 85mm lens in hand, I headed out with my friend Rob to see something of the world and, if we had any one goal, to find some new ice to photograph. Conditions were a day or two past ideal but we managed to find a spot outside of Stowe that for a delightful hour allowed us to see things differently.

I’m willing to define a good day of photography as ending with 90% of the images I made deleted and learning something from the other 10% to help me see even more next time.

When I enlarged this image and cropped it, I was left with yet another “lens” through which to see the world with its blue sky and brown leaves swirled into icy patterns. It is one I suspect will  lead to seeing even more in the future:


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