Still Learning To See

Time in the dunes

I find it easy to lose track of time—both minutes and eons—when I’m in the dunes. More important are the light, wind and the stillness in which quiet can be heard so clearly.

Time is recorded by the color of the light, and, in the sand, as ripples and tracings of rain and wind and tracks of creatures large and small, as well as by the intensity and length of the shadows. These measures—seemingly abstract but absolutely embedded in reality—have a much different value than the digital time showing up on my phone. I enjoyed the change while I was there in the dunes and found the process of deciphering what I was seeing a pleasant education.

Here are a few more photographs of time in the dunes.

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4 thoughts on “Time in the dunes

  1. What a perfect thought–“the stillness in which quiet can be heard so clearly.” These are stunning–the wind can create such whispers of beauty if we slow down to pay attention. Thanks for your constant reminders that “learning to see” asks us to make time for loveliness in the course of our busy days. 🙂

  2. nannus on said:

    “seemingly abstract but absolutely embedded in reality”. The world is not about us and not for us so it appears abstract because its structures are not based on our concepts. But we can make it ours by appreciating its beauty. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the beautiful thoughts.

  3. My kind of shots! Nicely done!

  4. Chica Snell on said:


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