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Back in the dunes

The dunes of Lake Michigan are always a magical spot. Whether arriving at dawn in quiet, golden light or on the tail end of an immense storm, there are few places I’ve found where it is easier to just blend into the natural world.

The light, sand and wind are always changing, literally minute by minute.  The resulting patterns are often predictable, yet fascinating. And every time I’m also greeted by a delightful surprise or two—whether a dew laden damselfly, the track left by a snake or the bugle of a pair of sandhill cranes.

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4 thoughts on “Back in the dunes

  1. Love these! The first light on a pond simply glows–thanks so much.

  2. Love your Michigan images, John. Takes me home.

  3. always great to journey backwards in time and look at your pics again. thanks always for your celestial and terrestrial visions John

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