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Urban Abstracts

I find it easy to see the city through a viewfinder, isolating abstractions both to eliminate the unwanted and to accentuate what I see in and among the built clutter. There is a certain satisfaction in creating these views even if, clearly, it is not the entirety of an urban reality.

I find reflections to be often interesting, especially when paired with straight-up parts of the environment.

Modern building materials, such as this dimpled stainless steel facade, can add whole new dimensions and textures,dynamic at that, to the urban streetscape. In this case, the reflected blue sky and the angle of the plane combine with endless and lovely variation.

Two glass towers, the people washing the windows and the great blue sky—what fun to take this slice of reality and just enjoy it as is!


The same elements—blue sky and skyscrapers—reflected in the waters of the Hudson River create an entirely different and equally lovely kind of abstraction.

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2 thoughts on “Urban Abstracts

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    Interesting to me, as I whizzed back up through the pictures, to find the same color scheme in all four: the same blues of the rich sky, the pinks of the bricks and the blacks of empty windows, all reflected in the dimpled steel and in the Hudson River. Thanks!

  2. YES! Isn’t it fascinating. Only the “mirror” and exactly what is being reflected change. Sometimes I think the best part city abstracts are reflections rather than reality itself.

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