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The High Line

One of the delights of our time here in NYC this week has been walking the High Line, a park created on the old rail line running along the Lower West Side. It is a gem and testimony to what can be done to make urban environments more human.

While the plantings and views, like the photo below by JR, are immediately obvious, what is less so is the fact you don’t have to deal with automobile traffic, so omni-present in most of the rest of the City. What a relief!

I look forward to walking the High Line in other seasons. If I lived nearby, I’d be up on it everyday!

JR is one of my photographic heroes, having found a way to change the viewpoint we have of the world such as through his Inside Out Project.

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2 thoughts on “The High Line

  1. I love the High Line!

    • Thanks. I’d read about it but this was my first time actually walking on the Line. It is fabulous! Such a simple idea, on the surface, though I can only imagine the amount of work and expense it took to bring it into reality. But then, isn’t that true about so much. This is clearly an investment that will pay returns for years and years to come.

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