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Sunrise and sunset in the city

When we first moved from the wide-open spaces of Michigan to mountainous Vermont, I felt like I did not see a sunset for a couple of years. Then I learned to see them differently. In the Green Mountain state you simply can’t see the sun set at the horizon! Since then I’ve seen countless lovely sunrises and sunsets, higher in the sky or over the mountains or reflected off clouds in the opposite direction.

Here in NYC this week the sunrises and sunsets have been fabulous, but I had to remind myself to find beauty in seeing them wedged between buildings or reflected off glass facades. It was not difficult doing so.

Only the small crescent moon made a solo performance—just above Broadway and 72nd—to a fanfare of traffic, sirens and people crossing against the light while on their cell phones. I had no camera with me at the time, but the memory of the brave little orb is etched in my internal hard drive.

Sunrise yesterday morning, a simple scrim of color announcing the day.

And sunset yesterday reflected by the facade of one of Mr. Trump’s creations.

Dawn this morning came with more flair announcing what will be an even warmer late Fall day than we had yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise and sunset in the city

  1. Marg Pifer on said:

    Good Morning, John,

    What a lovely greeting from you from New York! I thank you for this Blog, but for many others you have sent. Your work offers to me an inspiration for the day – a beautiful scene and words that interpret the photograph – if the photo needs any interpretation. The mosiac of beautiful leaves on a Vermont hillside, the shadow of Chicago skyscrapers into Lake Michigan, shells and water, Liz and Simon and other family photos – so many Blogs I have specially enjoyed. In many ways I believe you reflect your parents’ appreciation of the world around us, especially Florence’s sense of loveliness in the world. So a special thank you for your efforts.

    Karen and I have an on-going email correspondence that is nourishing to me in many ways. We enjoy our lunch dates when she comes to Kzoo. We talk and talk, examine, explore and laugh. Our rich friendship is very special. Your Blogs and Karen’s keep my world even and fun. I do thank you.

    My love, Marg

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