Still Learning To See

I’ll be back soon…

After ten months of posting every day, I’ve been a bit less regular in the past month.  Why? On several recent trips (Alaska and Michigan) internet was simply not possible on many days. Not a bad spot to be in for a nature photographer! This past week I just needed some distance from the viewfinder to remember what I was doing and seeing and why.

My plan is to begin posting daily, both new and earlier work, beginning on Monday. I look forward to the process and appreciate the opportunities it brings on so many levels.

The later afternoon clouds, from my window seat at 25,000 feet on the way back home last week, were dramatic.

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2 thoughts on “I’ll be back soon…

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    Your pictures and words add greatly to my days…and to others I know. I look forward to all your postings, whether regular or “irregular.” Thanks for all your sharing and caring ways which challenge me to continue this process of “learning to see”! Your sis, Karen

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work; and seeing you too, John.

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