Still Learning To See

Every day

Every day I enjoy seeing this photograph, one I literally snapped out of an airplane over the Southeast coast of Florida as I was headed back home. I was amazed, both in seeing of the shoals and boat and later at what had been captured in the photograph. This is the home page image on my photographic website ( which comes up every time I open my browser. I’ve not tired of seeing it yet!

For me there is great pleasure in seeing the some things, like this image, over and over. Or, in the case of music, hearing it over and over. Or old friends, walks, flowers—the list is long. Rather than growing tired of them, I seem to instead develop a deeper appreciation and, often, begin seeing in ways I’d not previously.

I’m also excited to be flying again next week—this time to Alaska with my good friend and photo buddy Rob. I never tire of looking out the airplane window and love to make photographs in the process.



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2 thoughts on “Every day

  1. Daryll Powell on said:

    The talent I have the least of and admire the most is painting. While Judi and I were in Madrid some years ago, I forced myself to sit in front of paintings at the Prado for as long as it took for me to see and feel either something significant or nothing special. Of course I always saw something that a cursory look would not yield, and occasionally I saw something that moved me. This photo, John, makes me want to sit and stare at it. I feel sure that it would reward the effort.

    • Many thanks. It does amaze me at how little it takes to satisfy the mind and soul when it is really worthwhile, as opposed to all the mediocrity we are bombarded with every day.

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