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Good to be home in Vermont

As lovely as the trip to Michigan was—I especially remember the Magnolias with pleasure—it is good to be back in Vermont. I woke to snow providing a backdrop to set off the early blooming Crocus, Forsythia and Daphne.

Daphne appears almost mysteriously this time of year, both visually and by scent, and then disappears into the undergrowth of the forest until next spring.

The day gradually warmed with this marvelous Spring sun. Rob and I met at Berlin Pond to see what birds had arrived. The delight, however, was not a bird but a River Otter (Lontra canadensis) that we watched swim—seemingly without effort—for several minutes until it all of a sudden came up with a very large fish in its mouth! What a remarkable thing to see!

Fish in mouth, the Otter heads to the far shore.

I feel so fortunate to live this close to the natural world. The acres of roadways in Detroit may have a place in the world, but so do Otters and Daphne.

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2 thoughts on “Good to be home in Vermont

  1. Anne Connor on said:

    So cool – glad you were there to capture the moment!

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