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Another view

I grew up just 80 miles from Detroit but rarely travelled there as a child. Much later in my work life I spent many weeks right downtown. By then Detroit was on the decline, a ghost city but one filled with many remnants of its amazing roots.

When we flew over earlier this week, skies were clear and the plane tipped a wing toward the downtown just at the right time. Odd to see all of it laid out below, the same places I worked in and walked around so often in the past.

And then to think beyond that to the remarkable history of the area. What often seems so fixed in a single lifetime is, over the course of even a short period of time, so transient, so changing. The millions of lives. The stories of real people. The print of humankind on the land. I see all of that from the safe distance of the airplane.

Downtown Detroit, the Detroit River, the Ambassador Bridge and Windsor, Ontario.

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One thought on “Another view

  1. Brother D on said:

    Well said brother.

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