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Not all photos work

I wanted to share that many of the photographs I made yesterday, as is always the case, ended up in the digital trash bucket. It is easy to think otherwise but much as a great baseball player only hits one ball out of three, making good photographs involves dumping many bad ones.

Flies of all kinds seemed very interested in the blossoms on the Star Magnolias, at least they were on every one I wanted to photograph! Between the sun and the nectar they were not very interested in moving just to accommodate me and my camera either! Fortunately there were hundreds and hundreds of lovely blossoms  from or a slight change of angle put the fly out of view.

And when Liz first spotted the Sandhill Cranes they were in a most non-photogenic location. She suggested they’d tolerate me getting closer so I moved in that direction. But they were skittish and moved off. With patience and a 300mm lens I was able to make some very lovely images.

Not all photographs are worth taking! Long ago I learned I have to keep moving and working to get at the essence of what is beautiful or, as Dewitt Jones says, "what turns you on."

I did not get out much today but did enjoy the trees which are reaching their peak of budding forth in a palette of color tones of Spring. Now that turns me on!

The margins of the woodlots offer spectacular views of the budding foliage, the many shades of spring colors, and the shapes of the trees.

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3 thoughts on “Not all photos work

  1. Brother D on said:

    Hey no bad!

  2. Brother D on said:

    I meant “not” bad.

  3. Julia on said:

    Love that your “seeing” is being done in MI for a bit–and, as you say, sometimes the “seeing” doesn’t work out in photos, but does in the mind’s eye 🙂

    APOD had an amazing entry today that “turns me on”–and I love the name “Earthshine”!


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