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A lovely walk among trees

My friend Rob and I hiked on snowshoes in an old pasture now overgrown with trees, mostly White Pine (Pinus strobus), Big-toothed Poplar (Populus grandidentata) and a number of invasive species. Along the old margins of the pasture we found a numerous stone walls and a stone-lined spring as well as a number of very old “fence line” Sugar Maples (Acer saccharum), including one that was over 15 feet in circumference.

Most of these “old ones” were hollow and gnarly beyond imagining. To think of the changes these trees have watched over! I did not even attempt making a single photograph of them—maybe another time—today was a day to simply enjoy being with them.

I love the patterns of trees, especially the bark and forms the branches take. This time of year, in particular, with the simplified landscape, I find it easier to notice and see both of these attributes.

I loved seeing the line of intersection between the snow and the bark of this White Ash (Fraxinus americana).

A bit of new snow lays along the horizontal branches of a young American Beech (Fagus grandifolia), a lovely sight indeed.

Snow on the bark of an older Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) forms a subtly simple pattern.

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One thought on “A lovely walk among trees

  1. Elizabeth on said:

    The intersection photo is lovely. Keep sharing your work!

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