Still Learning To See

Imagine ice!

A bit of snow again this morning and more predicted for tomorrow but then more rain the next day. Ugh! We’ll see what it brings.

Ice forming along a fast moving stream changes every day.

I visited another of my favorite streams this afternoon in a bit of golden late afternoon light. With cleats I could walk on crusty snow and ice right down the steep slope of what in the spring is a roaring waterfall. Being careful of course!

The ice was tricky to get to but wonderful to see. I was amazed at the intensity of the light refracting through the ice, contrasting with the dark water behind.

A current rushing over the marbled stone stream bed contrasts with ice.

All this delicate ice will be gone in Wednesday’s predicted rain, a slate wiped clean and ready for the next masterpiece. I wonder what I’ll see next?

Even a single step too close to the ice can cause it to fall away into the stream.

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5 thoughts on “Imagine ice!

  1. Wish I could join you on your imagining wanderings!

  2. I’m speechless and in awe of your ability to use such close lenses, John, to catch the rushing water and the ice crystals so well. I’m loving your lush-ous log.

  3. Thank you. I’m excited to get out in some SNOW today. Cassie, the ice photos were made using a 55-300 zoom, mostly zoomed all the way out. I did not dare get close enough to the ice at the edge of this stream to put on a macro-lens or my close-up rings!

  4. Elizabeth on said:

    I got a chill!

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