Still Learning To See


Walking home tonight at sunset with a nearly half-full moon in the sky, I began to think of how much I assume about my life every single day. I thought “this is really all too amazing to be taken for granted.”

Imagine a world where mornings begin and evenings end with the sky lit like fire. Imagine the sky blue all day and full of clouds. Imagine the night sky pierced by bright stars and a bright and lovely moon. Imagine a world white and gray in the winter, thousands of shades of green in the spring and summer and a million colors in the fall. Imagine water full of miraculous creatures. Imagine soil and breathing and the touch of another human.

Imagine how amazing it would all be. Imagine our world.

One of the more miraculous pieces of life, what we call the tentacles of a jellyfish of some sort. I can't even begin to imagine life being this remarkable.

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One thought on “Imagine…

  1. kthomas27 on said:

    Love the imagery in your words but especially the touch of another human – so important 🙂 x


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