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Timelessly simple

My mom and dad both were born in China, kids of medical and religious missionaries. I grew up in the midwest but eating rice rather than potatoes. We also had numerous Chinese objects of art around the house.

While I never studied Chinese art, something of the simple beauty they brought to our home clearly rubbed off on me. They are masters at finding the natural relationships in life that reveal balance and peace.

I often try to find this in the photographs I make. I don’t know if I succeed but continue to be inspired by the artwork we had around the house.

Branches of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) against a gray sky form a simple, yet beautiful, pattern.

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6 thoughts on “Timelessly simple

  1. This is striking–it reminds me of the art in my version of the TAO TE CHING, a book that never fails to inspire me. Thank you for the beauty of stark simplicity.

  2. Carole on said:

    This is very beautiful, John.
    Your sense of patterns is phenomenal.

  3. Karen Dailey on said:

    In my estimation, you’ve succeeded well in capturing the simplicity of Chinese art in your stark black locust photo. Perhaps my eyes will begin to see such similarities when I take my next walk. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Karen. The ancient Chinese found such magic all around them. I think it is safe to say there is still some left for us to find!

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