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People are amazing

I find a long walk down a wooded road—with family or friend—is a very special way to spend an hour or two on any day regardless of the weather.

I spend a good deal of time in this blog talking about the natural world. This as opposed to the human one, even though we humans are, of course, at some level, part of nature. I suspect, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, long after humans are gone from the planet, as surely we will be in time, the world will still be a remarkable place.

For now, we are here, part of this blue gem spinning in space. I hope my photography and my writing can be part of the larger effort of many to repair the damage we have done to a world that had long functioned well without us.

Make no mistake, I do find people to also be amazing. I love to combine walks with friends or family, the best of all worlds. Walking so easily prompts both thoughtful conversation and considered quietness.

I find I am at my best when walking in beautiful natural surroundings—with a fellow human being or two. While I value time alone, I know my really seeing life as it is depends on being in the good company of others. Life has been remarkably gentle with me. Not always the case for many others. There is so much to give and share with each other.

People, even those I don't know well or at all, are such a special part of the beautiful fabric of my life.

I’m amazed seeing how people and life, each in many different shades, so often fit together with such perfect beauty. Thank you to those in my life who lovingly remind me of this simple fact.

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4 thoughts on “People are amazing

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    I love your pictures posted here and your words about them. thanks!
    XXOO Marti

  2. It has been a remarkable week, including our time together. I felt I really needed to acknowledge how important people are to my being able to see.

  3. Nick Blackburn on said:

    Great pictures John. I really like this post mainly for the following: “I suspect, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, long after humans are gone from the planet, as surely we will be in time, the world will still be a remarkable place.” Sometimes you really have to wonder how much damage or good humans do to the world. Also what will happen when there are no more humans. What happens to all our stuff?

    • Thanks, Nick. There are actually two books about this topic. Unfortunately I’ve not read either completely but both have gotten good reviews. The World Without Us by Alan Weisman deals with how rapidly (or not!) the planet with absorb the traces we leave while The Earth After Us by Jan Jalasiewicz deals more with the sedimentary geology of our remains. While the near term is more of a concern to me at the moment, there is some weird comfort in the fact that the planet will continue. But I am also excited about folks like you who are finding solutions to the mess folks like me helped create!

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