Still Learning To See

I am amazed

How easily we can walk by vast parts of life, like these lichens, without even noticing.

The natural world amazes me! As I walked at dawn yesterday, the sun illuminated thousands and thousands of crystals of frost covering the leaves in front of me. The fact that I know something of light, ice crystals, reflections and seeing does not diminish the magic of that moment.

And I use the term “magic” advisedly. The implication being more is going on than is acknowledged, not a slight of hand exactly, but something far more complex than can easily be explained.

I could use the term “miraculous” instead. For me part of what I mean is reverence—a quiet, respectful appreciation—but it is also not about religion. Not unless I can name it The Holy Church of Nature!

Maybe I just need to add new words—clearly they’d all be superlatives—to my vocabulary.

My point is, even the little parts of life I can see and about which I do know something astonish me. I have to sit back and just stare stupidly. That’s what I did after seeing the frost in the light of dawn.

And then the vast parts of life about which I know nothing. Vast parts. Absolutely nothing known!

If I saw and understood every last single piece of life and could explain it to others, I’d still be amazed by life. The mystery of the unknown is amazing and, once understood, so is the incredible unity of it all, at once both simple and complex.

My appreciation for the remarkable beauty of our often mysterious world is only enhanced by learning more about it. Moss and lichen, humble as they may be, are essential to life as we know it.

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2 thoughts on “I am amazed

  1. Just left Liz after a wonderful viewing of her “journey” books–your Rhine trip was a wonderful adventure (I, too, need more superlatives!). I LOVE that her painting and your photography capture the essence of wonder–when I retired, people would ask what I was planning to do, and I’d reply, “I want to life in a perpetual state of awe.” From atoms to galaxies, miracles surround us daily–thanks for sharing yours.

  2. “Awe” is definitely a word that can be used often! Thanks.

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