Still Learning To See

What I saw and what I didn’t see

The flight back to Vermont today from North Carolina looked like it would be perfect. Blue skies, camera in hand and ready, a simple connection in DC with time for  a bite to eat. What could go wrong? Well, who knows, but it did!

The police and drug dog that boarded the plane after it arrived make me suspect the cause of cancellation was not “mechanical” as we were told. Regardless, we boarded another flight a short while later and managed to head home via Philadelphia.

As we took off out of Philly  to the south the western sky was crimson with a sunset. I thought to myself now if we just turn back to the west before heading north for Burlington, the moon should come into view. It was a long shot but the spirit of Lily was with us and, voilà, the plane banked to the right and there was the moon above the setting sun as anticipated. Lovely to see it again from that vantage point.

Often on the flight between Philly and Vermont I’ve had spectacular views of New York City but tonight I didn’t see it because clouds keep it hidden. Amazing to think of the size clouds must be to hide something like NYC!

But I dug out a photo I made earlier in the year, a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan seen on the approach to La Guardia. Views (and photos) like this are the best reason to sit by the window when flying!

Sometimes I get even luckier. A photo I made of the Chicago skyline—just at sunset as can be seen in the long shadows from the west—was another of those that required both being ready and being lucky—very lucky if I’m honest about it! I just had to be on the correct side of the plane and hope things work out as planned. Believe me, they don’t always!

Speaking of lucky, the roads home from the airport were dry, unlike they were for those traveling yesterday when ice and snow and many, many crazy drivers wrought havoc on each other. Thanks to both road gods and photo gods for watching over me today—no matter what I saw and what I didn’t see.

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