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Lily found the new moon!

With clear skies on January 9th we may see a full moon like this.

Late yesterday, right at twilight, during our walk, Lily found the moon! Despite my post here only a few days ago (12/25), I’d forgotten to look for the new moon. There it was, “hidden” in plain view in the pale blue sky of dusk—if only I’d been looking.

How is it that Lily (2-1/2 years old) sees life so differently than I? Being lower to the ground, I might understand her seeing a leaf I did not see or picking up a particular stone that eluded my eye but caught her fancy. Having less on her mind—though honestly I think that is a questionable assessment—she might have more mental space to notice things my overly busy mind ignores out of self-preservation. No doubt somethings simply enchant a person with her unjaded eye that have become invisible to an old fart like myself. Who knows?!

Whatever the reasons, all I know is Lily found the new moon in yesterday’s darkening sky. We enjoyed seeing it together.

Tonight I had the good sense to take time to look up and find it again, a bit higher in the sky but still a beautiful crescent. I’ll watch for it a bit later and a bit higher each night between now and when the Full Wolf Moon rises in the east at sunset on January 9th.

What a wonderful way to feel connected, to the cycles of life and to my granddaughter.

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One thought on “Lily found the new moon!

  1. I came across this lovely poem by William Carlos Williams today and wanted to share it:

    Winter Trees

    All the complicated details
    of the attiring and
    the disattiring are completed!
    A liquid moon
    moves gently among
    the long branches.
    Thus having prepared their buds
    against a sure winter
    the wise trees
    stand sleeping in the cold.

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