Still Learning To See

“Stick season”


Looking down into Randolph, Vermont.

When the brilliant foliage of October is mostly gone—along with the buses full of “leaf peepers”—what remains can seem a bit of a let down. I suspect if I had travelled on a bus for hours to see Vermont in the Fall, I’d be a little disheartened by the “post-peak” or what some term “stick season.”


The State House in Montpelier with the golden dome and the new Ceres statue atop is a glorious site even in post-peak.


Seeds of Basswood often stay on the whole winter.

But post-peak has its own beauty, in my eye, with more browns and grays, splashes of yellow in Tamarack and Poplar, seeds hanging on trees, and the outlines of White birch.


Along the ridges you can now see through the trees, a beautiful sight, and I delight in welcoming back the “bones” of trees everywhere as I would old friends.

Add later sunrises and earlier sunsets, longer chances to see the moon and stars and, with luck, maybe even the Northern lights, and stick season ain’t so bad.


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