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Same old, same old…

I find I often fall into a trap this time of year, especially with the kind of weird weather we have had of late, disconnected from any season I recognize. The trap is waking up feeling like I’m a gerbil going round and round on a wheel of the same old places. And, honestly, maybe I am.

The days start, fill and end, and here I am at another start of another week the days of which seem a blur. As I said, it is a place I have been before, usually this time of year. Certainly the news seems the same, often overwhelmingly dismal, with only the headlines changing. I feel stuck, unable to see how I can make a difference, even knowing my life is so much easier than 98% of my fellow human beings.

The only way I know out of the trap is to sit quietly, or better yet, to walk outside, and to be in the actual moment where I am, blurred or not, learning (again!) to see what is there in front of me.

Maybe it is not much more complicated than my mom’s cure for “the B word” which was “Johnny, go outside!” A couple hours later, the whole world usually seemed again so exciting…simply because it is.

This morning I offer more of my recent ice photographs today because I’m not finished enjoying them, and their unbelievable detail. They remind me that even if things seem “same old, same old,” I know, in fact, that there is a great deal of life to see more clearly and with a deeper appreciation for what it is. I hope you will too. Please feel free to share them with friends and family. Thank you! Now, I’m going outside for a walk to see what the world looks like this morning!

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3 thoughts on “Same old, same old…

  1. Great post, John. It has been a long time since I have seen the skim of ice on a puddle. We don’t have flat land in our northern neighborhood for water to pool and there no chance of seeing it when we are spending winters in Florida. I really enjoyed your ice photos.

  2. Thank you, Pat. Enjoy wherever you are, ice or not. 🙂

  3. Kate Conway on said:

    Each photo is so amazing. I especially love the perfect circular air bubbles (?) in the last photo. Thank you~

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