Still Learning To See

While waiting…

Why is it so easy to think about what has been or what might be and forget to just be here now?!

Recently while waiting for friends, I had a wonderful time in my mind with the gymnastics of going back and forth between “where are they?” and “how much longer…?” and “…but I’ll be late for…” The human mind!

Then from on the railing of the bridge over the river where I was standing I just looked at what was right in front of me. I stopped and saw in that moment the reflections in the river, a beautiful stretch of water that flows right through the city, and I was stunned by simply being in the “now.”

The blue squares of the delightful work of art, hanging over the river for the past several years were the starting point. But it was the water itself and the breezes and the brilliant sunshine that took the many colors—foliage, sky, clouds, buildings and the blue pieces of the art—and made magic with them all.

The scene boggled my mind, over and over, changing constantly with the varied light and breezes. I’m sure I was squealing aloud with delight. I know I was making exposure after exposure in quick succession as what I was seeing changed so quickly, each unique and beautiful and then…gone.

At one point I zoomed my camera lens more closely at pieces of the whole and had to grab the railing of the bridge so as to not fall in to the wonder I was seeing.

I trust this will be a good lesson to remember to not wait around complaining about the past or worrying about the future. Being in the “now” has so much to offer—in fact, far more than my soul could hold on this amazing day.

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3 thoughts on “While waiting…

  1. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    Your art work and words are so therapeutic. We need these reminders. Thank you for the uplifting way to start a day.Dianne

  2. Daryll Powell on said:

    Thanks, Big John, for the important reminder and the lovely images.

  3. ted strunck on said:

    always so edifying . Thanks for sharing your lessons.

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