Still Learning To See

Rocked by this amazing world

Rocks, plants, insects, clouds, water, trees—the whole of this world is amazing. Here are a few more examples of what I am still learning to see.


Rock ledge #1, Berlin Pond, Vermont

So many beautiful rock formations are hidden in plain view in Vermont. This iron-stained piece of ledge is part of a much larger one I discovered right off a back road as the snow melted away and left it exposed. The light was perfect—diffuse and bright—to reveal the brilliant colors and complex formations.

Technical details: Sony @7 at 55mm and 1/400 at f/10.0 and ISO250



Big rock and swimming hole, Morrisville, Vermont

Swimming in rivers is part of the Vermont experience and the best place on a hot summer day—or even a warm fall one as was the case here—is a swimming hole. This well-hidden spot, bounded by bedrock outcroppings, is the perfect place to dip into the reflections on the still water.

Technical details: Pentax *istDS at 18mm and 1/8 at f/8.0 and ISO200



Shoreline cliff face, St. David, Wales

When the tide leaves and makes the shore available, the place feels fresh and new with no footprints, a wonderful place to explore. This cliff face is inaccessible when the tide is in. I was grateful to have a chance to see the remarkable textures and colors, feeling almost like I was in my own private art gallery!

Technical details: Pentax *istDS at 70mm and 1/180 at f/5.6 and ISO800


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One thought on “Rocked by this amazing world

  1. The Wales photograph is breathtaking (as are many of yours)–it really does look like a piece of art, but then nature is an amazing artist in so many ways. I’m trying to wrap my eyes around the perspective from which you took the picture; I keep thinking the blue must be water, but it has the striations of the stone cliff. It’s stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing your exhibit here, especially for those of us who can’t make it to Vermont. 🙂

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