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A world of colors


While growing up, one of my favorite places was my mom’s “Garden of Eden,” as she called it, a wild, lightly-tended flower garden she loved as her own special place. A big White oak nurtured shade loving plants and the long margins along the yard stretched into the sun for others. My brother and I delighted in picking mom bouquets after church, though I suspect we did far more damage to the place that our offerings merited. The only picture I have of “Eden” is the one still in my mind’s eye—and it is still a beautiful spot.

It occured to me this week that the gardens I’ve grown and grown to love here in Vermont all have the same feel of wild beauty. I joke that they are actually made of about two dozen “weeds” I just manage when I have the time!

Regardless, June is the peak of lush greens with a world of color here and there. The past few weeks has been a palette of purple, violet, pink in particular.



It is such a delight to enjoy the changes and growth every day. One of the benefits of being more homebound this year is having time to both enjoy the gardens and to put a bit more time into their “management.”



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6 thoughts on “A world of colors

  1. kashala hill on said:

    sUCH BEAUTY – AND THE COLORS ARE SO PURE. Thanks John Snell for sharing your artistry with us. I remember years and years ago coming to your home to visit Karen, when I lived in New Hampshire. Now I am in Portland, grateful for my garden. Glad Karen turned me on to your blog. Blessings to you both, kashala

  2. Lovely and Lush, and yes, a bit Wild

  3. Dave on said:

    It doesn’t get any better than your special garden. Gets better every year.

  4. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    Thanks for sharing your garden as we can not see it in person yet. Dianne

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