Still Learning To See



Despite all—cold weather, virus, viral politics, all—the plum blossoms I pruned a week ago and brought inside open to Spring.




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4 thoughts on “Blossoms

  1. Nature is resurrection, year after year, century after century, millennia after millennia. Thanks for these lovely reminders that life on this third planet from the sun is reborn constantly. I’m reading Rachel Carson, who said, in LOST WOODS: “These are stories of things that have been going on for countless thousands of years. They are as ageless as sun and rain, or as the sea itself.” Or as the opening of plum blossoms in spring.

  2. Is your name Siri?!? You are amazing—always appreciate your connecting the dots of life.

  3. I find myself having to remind my own eyes to see… my ears to hear, and body to feel nature. No matter what is going on, and the chaos surrounding this virus… Spring is here. The beauty of nature is indeed a natural stress reliever. Thanks

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