Still Learning To See

Lost, again…

Every year I lose plants in my garden. Clearly I have too many and have never had the kind of highly organized planting that would show a gap. Often these “lost” plants find me!


“Where are the small, yellow flowers I know I planted in that spot years ago, the ones that come back every season?”  Of course, not all do come back. Changes happen and some things are truly lost, but all in all so much of life continues on, even if making adjustments to change.


I find life to be truly beyond comprehension, and wonder/fully so, an opportunity to embrace the amazing beauty of it all, losses included. Somehow, that yellow flower found me this week, just as this fly found a first bloom of Coltsfoot along the roadside. And “lost” in winter the Ozier now brightens to an undeniable red haze.


Yes, I’ve again often felt lost—and loss—these past few weeks. And also marvelled at the many clearly marked pathways for finding the remarkable life that is possible on our Planet. Most I can quite easily see when I simply look!


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